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Deciding on a Major

Find Your Major

  • The Majors website lists every major offered at Illinois State University and includes a brief description of the major, related skills, a list of possible career options, the middle 50% GPA’s of students who are typically admitted, and sample plans of study.
  • This is a great place to start in order to learn more about each major.


  • StrengthsQuest is an assessment tool to help people find out the top 5 areas in which they are naturally talented.  At Illinois State, we are using this tool to help students explore their talents, strengths, and interests in relationship to major/career options, coursework, internships, etc. 
  • The assessment takes about 30 minutes and will provide a report of your top 5 talent themes out of 34 total themes.  There are two ways to purchase the StrengthsQuest assessement:
    • Purchase the StrengthsQuest book at a bookstore and find a personalized code on the inside cover used to access the assessment online.
    • Create a StrengthsQuest account online to purchase a code for the assessment.
  • After taking the assessment, use the following exercises to relate your strengths to majors offered:
  • University College Academic Advisors have additional worksheets and exercises tied to this assessment that can help students find a major that fits with areas in which they are naturally talented.

Major Exploration Activities

Career Exploration Activities

Additional Resources

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