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Most Successful Freshman Award

This award recognizes participants who have made a particularly successful transition into higher education, exhibiting a proactive approach to academics and the SSS program.

2015-2016: Ashley Alcantar, Alexis Figueroa, Taliyah Herron, Dezaray Leslie, Tabitha Manning

2014-2015: Brooke Bryant, Ivan Garcia, Taniya Hampton, Daniel Jackson, Alia Latham, Montoria Miller, Abigaelle Ngamboma, Yesenia Perez, Jamaya Survis, Morgan Wilson

2013-2014: Davida Anderson, Kendall Benton, Aja Carten, Andrea Johnson, Fatima Rodriguez, LaTanya Scott

2012-2013: Enrique Escobar, Ryann Hemphill, Haley Tallman

2011-2012: Neissa Diabate, Darryl Langston Jr., Dorothy Nicole Range

2010-2011: Bernice Addo, Katie Bledsoe, Chelsey Gallegos

2009-2010: Nadia Fiaz, Stephanie Lucas, Felisa Quintino, Brittney Tulak, Edwillis Wright


Outstanding New Participant Award

This award applauds those new participants who have been an especially important addition to the program, embracing all it has to offer.

2015-2016: Sade' Adams, Richard Greenfield, Deidra Jackson, Dajha White

2014-2015: Sequoya Brown, Ranisha Johnson

2013-2014: Wendy Dover, Tara Flowers, William Shaw, LaVance Walker

2012-2013: Le’Chelle Alexander, Julian Frasure, Brittany Jones

2011-2012: Michael Dabney, Natasha Postles, Aminat Saliu, Jaslyn Shaw

2010-2011: Muriel Dorsey, Tifannie Howard

2009-2010: Stephanie Morris, Robert Robbins, Brittany Wiggins


Most Successful Upperclassman Award

This award recognizes students who are academically successful, actively participate in the TRiO program, and display a maturity befitting their status as upperclassmen.

2015-2016: Le'Chelle Alexander, Enrique Escobar, Isidro Espinoza, Tara Flowers, Ivan Garcia, Victoria Weston

2014-2015: Trinity Bankhead, Muriel Dorsey, Wendy Dover

2013-2014: Darryl (DJ) Langston, Dorothy Nicole Range, Jaslyn Shaw


Perseverance Award

This award celebrates those participants who have demonstrated significant determination in attaining their academic goals.

2015-2016: Breanna Brown, Latiesha Whitsey

2014-2015: Alicia Atkins, Kelly Novak

2013-2014: Muriel Dorsey, Angel Godfrey-Wess, Meshellangela Taylor-Walter

2011-2012: Oriel Morris, Brittany Wiggins

2010-2011: Jerin Hamblin, Jacquetta Jackson, Carly Mayberry, Brittany Wiggins

2009-2010: Kristin Fink, Khephra Harris, Balaji Nagarajan

Outstanding Program Ambassador Award

This award acknowledges, with the staff’s sincere appreciation, participants who share the TRiO experience and actively promote the program.

2014-2015: Miles Spann

2011-2012: Christina Fontenelle, Chelsey Gallegos


Most Involved Participant Award

This award is based on exemplary SSS participation and involvement during the academic year.

2015-2016: Brooke Bryant, Cynthia Gonzalez, Taniya Hampton, Daniel Jackson, Jamonica Randall, Anna Whiters

2014-2015: Tehaynish Demilew, Tara Flowers, Brittany Jones, Toni Wells

2013-2014: Julian Frasure, Adrian McElveen

2012-2013: Ashley Leonard, Alishia Pointer, Dorothy Nicole Range, Nickolas Smith, Jordan Strickland, Kala Walker, Jamere Walton

2011-2012: Muriel Dorsey, Alishia Pointer, Ambrea Powe, Cameron Wilson

2010-2011: Louvina Davis, Balaji Nagarajan, Gerald Price

2009-2010: America Alvarez, Sierra Dockery, Marquia Edwards, Carina Gonzalez, Timeah Rogers, Sophia Sayani

Winner posesAbove and Beyond Award

This award pays tribute to those participants who consistently exceed expectations and “go that extra mile” to support the TRiO program.

2015-2016: Shaquita Sturgeon

2012-2013: Murial Dorsey, O’Cephus Starks, Sterling Washington


TRiO Elite Award

This award applauds those very select participants who have consistently and effectively supported TRiO through exemplary participation and promotion of the program.

2014-2015: Dorothy Nicole Range

2013-2014: Christina Fontenelle


Student of the Year Award

This award is based on exemplary SSS participation, academic achievement, and University/community involvement. To be considered for the TRiO/Student Support Services Student of the Year Award, SSS program participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Academic strength (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA)
  • Strong on- and off-campus involvement (i.e. volunteer projects, student organizations)
  • Strong participation in SSS-sponsored activities

2015-2016: Toni Wells

2014-2015: Julian J. Frasure

2013-2014: Jasmine G. Davis

2012-2013: Christina Elizabeth Fontenelle

2011-2012: Gerald Price

2010-2011: Kristin Fink

2009-2010: Senesta (Angell) Davis

2008-2009: Alicia L. Smith

2007-2008: Joanette L. McBounds

2006-2007: Joanette L. McBounds

2005-2006: Anthony Sarfo

2004-2005: Rasheid D. Reid

2003-2004: Rebecca T. Lynn

2002-2003: Abdi Y. Maya

2001-2002: Christopher A. Williams

2000-2001: Aaron D. Selmon

1999-2000: Veronica A. Chavez


Academic Excellence Award

This award recognizes those participants who have maintained an exemplary cumulative grade point average.

2015-2016: Ebony Alden, Sara Bartnick, Kennedy Brinson, Aja Carten, Isidro Espinoza, Alexis Figueroa, Ivan Garcia, Lindsey Gleffe, Richard Greenfield, Amanda Kent, Dezaray Leslie, Emily Lund, Stacey Mounce, Abigaelle Ngamboma, Edward Sinovich, Victoria Weston, Dajha White

2014-2015: Ebony Alden, Sara Bartnick, Rachel Berg, Aja Carten, Ryan Downing, Enrique Escobar, Isidro Espinoza, Ivan Garcia, Lindsey Gleffe, Chantal Heagy, Amanda Kent, Alia Latham, Abigaelle Ngamboma, Christopher Pulec, Jamaya Survis, Victoria Weston, Morgan Wilson

2013-2014: Davida Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Rachel Berg, Aja Carten, Ryan Downing, Enrique Escobar, Ebony Fox, Alyssa Hand, Chantal Heagy, Stacey Mounce, Michael Nemeth, Kendra Penke, Christopher Pulec, Jaslyn Shaw, Brittany Wiggins

2012-2013: Nicole Anderson, Sidika Balogun, Jessica Bruner, Brianna Burke, Michelle Elam, Enrique Escobar, Nadia Fiaz, Chelsey Gallegos, Chantal Heagy, Jacqueline Heim, Jacquetta Jackson, Han Lam Chau, Michael Nemeth, Christopher Pulec, Felisa Quintino, Jaslyn Shaw, Stephanie Solomon, Erica Trumpet, Danielle Vogel, Brittany Wiggins

2011-2012: Nicole Anderson, Sidika Balogun, Timara Barmore, Aric Faulkner, Nadia Fiaz, Cheryl Foutch, Chelsey Gallegos, Jacquetta Jackson, Dawn Kostenski, Han Lam Chau, Yehuda (Joey) Maman, Felisa Quintino, Jaslyn Shaw, Stephanie Solomon, Caroline Torres, Erica Trumpet, Mitchell Ummel, Brittany Wiggins

2010-2011: Bernice Addo, Amanda Dinkelman, Alicia Donegan, Emily Douglas, Nadia Fiaz, Maria Fischmann, Chelsey Gallegos, Jacquetta Jackson, Dawn Kostenski, Han Lam Chau, Stephanie Lucas, Yehuda (Joey) Maman, Felisa Quintino, Christian Santoj, Lisa Shelton, Alicia Smith, Regina Smith, Stephanie Solomon, Caroline Torres, Mitchell Ummel, Brittany Wiggins, Nena Woo

2009-2010: Emi Adams, Louvina Davis, Nora Diaz, Amanda Dinkelman, Emily Douglas, Maria Fischmann, Dawn Kostenski, Heidi Krebsbach, Han Lam Chau, Emily Lopez, Stephanie Lucas, Yehuda (Joey) Maman, Felisa Quintino, Christian Santoj, Lisa Shelton, Alicia Smith, Stephanie Solomon, Caroline Torres, Mitchell Ummel, Brittany Wiggins, Ashley Wilkinson, Nena Woo, Jessica Wudtke


TRiO Director Vincent Cunningham addresses participants at the annual End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremony and Banquet.

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