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2017 Recipients

New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2017 Impact Award. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first year retention.

Academic Advisors

  • Tamekia Bailey, Sponsored Project Technical Coordinator, University College
  • Katelynn Clement, Academic Advisor, Agriculture
  • Vincent Cunningham, Sponsored Project Program Associate, University College
  • Sarah Dolan, Academic Advisor, School of Teaching and Learning
  • Ronald Gifford, Assistant to Department Chair, History
  • Kirk Hines, Academic Advisor, University College
  • Lindsay Schwend, Academic Advisor, University College
  • Daniel Stump, Academic Advisor, University College
  • Sarah Warzecha*, Academic Advisor, University College


  • Persephone Allee, Sophomore, Geology
  • Diana Bender, Freshman, School of Social Work
  • Connor Carson, Sophomore, Elementary Education
  • Hannah Coleman, Sophomore, Undeclared
  • Megan Compton, Freshman, School of Theatre
  • Abtavius Cooks, Freshman, History
  • Shannon Cotter, Sophomore, Special Education (Resident Assistant)
  • Courtney Dandridge, Sophomore, Arts Technology
  • Michael DeBreau, Senior, International Business (Resident Assistant)
  • Christian Eng, Freshman, History
  • Julia Gramont, Senior, School of Communication
  • Shacora Hawkins, Junior, School of Communication
  • Stephanie Hedgespeth, Junior, English
  • Melissa Hill, Junior, School of Social Work
  • May Hudspeth, Junior, Recreation and Park Administration
  • Jaylon Joyner, Senior, Physical Education
  • Megan Kapala, Junior, Finance
  • Zachary Krepps, Sophomore, Physics
  • Alyssa Lively, Freshman, Special Education
  • Marie Morgenthaler, Senior, School of Communication (Resident Assistant)
  • Crystal Rodriguez, Junior, Accountancy
  • Amber Scarbeary, Sophomore, Recreation and Park Administration
  • Cara Shapkauski, Sophomore, School of Art (Resident Assistant)
  • Jackson Stephenson, Sophomore, Molecular and Cellular Biology (Resident Assistant)
  • Zachary Temple, Junior, Physics
  • The Women of Alpha Gamma Delta


  • Sally Arnett-Harwick, Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Dawn Beichner, Professor, Criminal Justice Sciences
  • Christina Borders, Associate Professor, Special Education
  • Heidi Bowman, Instructional Assistant Professor, English
  • Kevin Boyer, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Tina Brakebill, Instructional Assistant Professor, History
  • George Byrns, Professor, Health Sciences
  • Elizabeth Cachey, Graduate Assistant Teaching, English
  • Sarah Caputo, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Psychology
  • Kyle Ciani, Associate Professor, History
  • Lea Cline, Assistant Professor, School of Art
  • Margaret Creasy, Instructional Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Alan Cring*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Finance
  • Joan Crooks, Instructional Assistant Professor, English
  • Anthony Crubaugh, Department Chairperson, History
  • Rebekka Gougis*, Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences
  • Roger Day*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Laura Dickenson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Special Education
  • Xing Fang, Assistant Professor, Information Technology
  • Timothy Fredstrom*, Professor, School of Music
  • Jon Friesen, Professor, Chemistry
  • Lee Anne Hale*, Lecturer, School of Communication
  • Jodi Hallsten Lyczak*, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Communication
  • Suejung Han, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Allison Harris, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Corinne Harrison-Malone, Lecturer, Agriculture
  • Matthew Himley, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Michele Hutchison, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Margaret Jones, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • Lynn Kennell, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing
  • Larissa Kennedy, Instructional Assistant Professor, History
  • Olaya Landa-Vialard, Assistant Professor, Special Education
  • Carrie Lawton, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Terry Lowe, Instructional Assistant Professor, Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Benjamin Lynn, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication
  • Adam Mason, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication
  • Margaret Maxstadt, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication
  • Thomas McClure, Associate Professor, Legal Studies
  • Rhonda Nicol, Instructional Assistant Professor, English
  • Kaley Ozminkowski, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance
  • Steven Peters, Professor, Chemistry
  • Kim Pereira, Professor, School of Theatre and Dance
  • Iuliia Protopop, Assistant Professor, Agriculture
  • Tiffany Puckett, Assistant Professor, Politics and Government
  • Louis Reifschneider, Professor, Technology
  • Kimberly Rhykerd, Lecturer, Agriculture
  • Jay Rich, Professor, Accounting
  • Lisa Rosenthal, Lecturer, Language, Literature, and Culture
  • David Sanson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  • Deborah Seifert, Department Chairperson, Accounting
  • Gavin Smith*, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music
  • Benjamin Stiers, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music
  • Derek Story, Director HR Systems, Human Resources
  • Elisha Swanson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Michiko Thomas, Lecturer, Language, Literature and Culture
  • Laurie Thompson-Merriman, Professor, College of Fine Arts
  • Maura Toro-Morn, Professor, Latin America Latin Studies
  • Elizabeth White, Assistant Professor, School of Teaching and Learning
  • Anna Marie Wright, Lecturer, School of Communication


  • Stephanie Duquenne, Director, Alumni Relations
  • Levester "LJ" Johnson, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Amanda Papinchock, Coordinator, Violence Prevention, Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Christa Platt, Coordinator of Academic Services, University College
  • Jess Ray, University Registrar, University Registrar
  • Julia Shaffer, Business Administrative Associate, Dean of Students
  • David Speiser, Coordinator Residence Hall, University Housing

*Received more than one nomination

Previous Award Recipients

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