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2016 Award Themes

In 2016, 93 new freshmen and new transfers recognized a member of the Illinois State University community as making an impact.

Illinois State students recognized 27 faculty members and instructors, 8 academic advisors, 17 campus staff, 5 graduate assistants and 36 fellow students. 4 individuals received multiple nominations.

What emerged from the nominations are clear signs that many, sometimes small, efforts do make an impact on students’ lives.  Illinois State University faculty staff and students impacted our first year students in the following ways:

  • Demonstrated care and support (27 mentions)
  • Provided encouragement/challenged the student to grow (29 mentions)
  • Exuded or helped to increase motivation  (14 mentions)
  • Provided assistance or help above and beyond ( 6 mentions)
  • Helped with the students transition (17 mentions)
  • Served as an inspiration or role model (16 mentions)
  • Provided future advice or direction (14 mentions)
  • Shared a passion for a subject or for a discipline (8 mentions)

Collectively, as a campus community, each of our individual actions and contacts with students helps in student development and fostering a positive learning environment. These efforts play a major part in Illinois State's current 81% freshman to sophomore year retention rate and our 72% graduation rate.

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