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FAQs for Faculty - Midterm/Progress Report Grades

Why are midterm grades not collected at midterm? 

Midterm grades are collected in conjunction with the last date to withdraw from an individual course. For the Spring 2017 semester, midterm grades are due on March 5 by 10 p.m. After data validation, midterm grades will be released to students on March 6. This gives students five business days to explore withdrawing from an individual class. The deadline to withdraw from a full semester course for Spring 2017 is Friday, March 10. We begin the collection process for Midterm grades during Week 6 of the semester to give faculty as much time as possible to complete evaluations, compile and submit grades.  Midterm grades can be submitted at any point during the collection timeframe.

I’m having difficulty submitting midterm grades. Who can I contact?

Contact Amy Roser at or at (309) 438-3217. 

Are midterm and final grades submitted via the same system?

No, midterm grades are submitted via a different system than final grades. The midterm grade collection system can be accessed via the link sent in the email or by going directly to (The Midterm/Progress Report Grades link is found in the Academics tab, under Progress, in

I need to make an edit to the midterm grade I submitted.

Edits to already submitted grades can be made by contacting Amy Roser at

Not all of the students in my course are listed in the midterm grade class roster. Why?

Midterm grades are only collected for select populations of students based on outside reporting requirements and/or retention efforts. To comply with federal financial aid guidelines as well as to address the need for certification for outside agencies (e.g. the US Department of Education, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and external grant agencies), Illinois State University is either required or has an academic need to gather information on selected students in your class. If a student in your class does not fall into one of these selected populations, we have not requested a grade. 

I thought midterm grades were only collected for 100 level classes. 

In spring 2016, the Academic Senate approved new grade collection requirements. Previously, midterm grades were collected for all students in 100 level courses. The revision to the collection population drastically reduced the total number of grades requested, while allowing University advisors and support staff to collect data for retention and student success purposes on targeted outreach populations.

How are midterm grades used?

The information you provide is used to meet federal mandates as well as to provide intrusive academic support and directed academic advisement. Advisors will discuss grades and progress with individual students. Additionally, University College coordinates various outreach efforts for students who receive concerning grade reports.  

I don’t feel I have enough information to report a grade on a student.

This is a common concern as it can be uncomfortable to indicate a student’s progress early in the semester while much of the course content and graded material is yet to come. Midterm grades are simply an early gauge of the students’ progress and can signal to the student and related support staff that a student might be in need of some additional assistance. Additionally, midterm grades often can indicate a pattern of performance in multiple classes and provides staff an opportunity to influence a student’s academic behaviors and performance prior to the end of the semester. 

Can I upload my grades from ReggieNet?

Currently, faculty cannot upload midterm grades from ReggieNet. This feature is currently a high priority for technology staff at Illinois State University. 

What is the difference between Progress Report and Midterm Grades?

We collect interim grades at two points in the semester. Midterm collection begins in week 6 of the semester and is timed with the last day to withdraw from a full semester course. The preport collection begins in week 11 and is timed with the last day to withdraw from the University.

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