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Math 113 Resources

Chapter numbers correspond to “Elements of Mathematical Reasoning”, Third Custom Edition for Illinois State University, published by Pearson Custom Publishing. ISBN: 0-536-18515-8

Note: This custom edition is divided into two main sections, so there are some chapter number duplications. Section 1 uses letters to identify subchapters (like 4D), while Section 2 uses numbers (like 4.3).

Book Section 1

Thinking Critically: Section 1, Chapter 1.

Reasoning (inductive and deductive), argumentation, logic, truth tables, Venn diagrams.

Units: Section 1, Chapter 2.

Units, conversions between units, standardized units, problem-solving.

Compounding: Section 1, Chapter 4.

Interest (simple and compound), investments, loan payments.

Exponents: Section 1, Chapter 8.

Logarithms: Section 1, Chapter 8.

Exponential Growth and Decay: Section 1, Chapter 8.

A video narrative about exponential growth, with many real-world examples such as population and energy use.

Use this interactive calculator to experiment with the different variables in exponential growth and decay, such as growth/decay rate, time between doublings/halvings, resulting population numbers, and more.

Book Section 2

Khan Academy statistics playlist.

Statistics: Section 2, Chapter 1.

Definitions, sampling, types of statistical studies, evaluating studies.

Statistics: Section 2, Chapter 2.

Data types (discrete and continuous), levels of measurement, measurement error, percentages in statistics, index numbers.

Statistics: Section 2, Chapter 3.

Frequency tables, data distribution and graphical representations, misleading uses of graphs.

Statistics: Section 2, Chapter 4.

Averages, shapes of distributions (number of modes, symmetry, skewness, and variation), measures of variation, standard deviation.

Statistics: Section 2, Chapter 5.

The normal distribution and its properties, standard scores, the Central Limit Theorem.

Probability: Section 2, Chapter 6

Khan Academy probability playlist

Probability of dependent events.

Several kinds of probability problems explained.

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