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Impact Awards

The Impact Award recognizes members of the campus community who help any student succeed. Nominees and recipients are motivating, inspiring, and supportive. Their individual contributions impact students’ overall success, retention, and ultimately graduation.


Anyone at Illinois State is eligible to receive an impact award, including:

  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Advisors
  • Student leaders
  • Staff members


Nominees should meet one of the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated care and support
  • Provided encouragement/challenged the student to grow
  • Exuded or helped to increase motivation
  • Provided assistance or help above and beyond
  • Helped with the student’s transition
  • Served as an inspiration or role model
  • Provided future advice or direction
  • Shared a passion for a subject or for a discipline


Undergraduate students can nominate someone for an Impact Award. The nomination process starts in late February.

Complete a nomination form

2024 Recipients

Students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2024 Impact Award. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to retention.

* = received more than one nomination

Academic Advisors

  • Brian Aitken, Program Director, University College 

    Kate Boutilier , Academic Advisor, School of Communication

    Laura Edwards, Academic Advisor, Language Literature and Culture

    Ryan Gray*, Assistant to Department Chairperson, Sociology and Anthropology

  • Jessa Hendricker, Academic Advisor, University College 

    Karen Huseman, Academic Advisor, University College

    Rebecca Laible*, Academic Advisor, University College

    Char-Michelle McDowell, Academic Advisor, University College

    Kathryn Sims, Academic Advisor, College of Business


  • Amelia Craig*, Freshman, Elementary Education

    Julia Growney, Sophomore, Elementary Education

    Gianna Kieser*, Junior, Mathematics

    Courtney Loncka, Freshman, Elementary Education

  •   Isabella Rohrig, Senior, Biochemistry
  • Anna Ruffin, Alum, Social Work

    Mariah Wilson, Freshman, Mennonite College of Nursing


  • Susil Baral, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

    Michael Barrowclough, Associate Professor, Agriculture

    Charles Bell, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Sciences

    Alan Cring*, Instructional Assistant Professor,

      Finance Insurance and Law

    Chelsea Dauenbaugh, Instructional Assistant Professor,

      School of Teaching and Learning

    William Dowell, Instructional Assistant Professor,

      Sociology and Anthropology

  • Jason Dunda, Assistant Professor, Wonsook Kim School of Art

    Deborah Garrahy*, Professor, Kinesiology and Recreation

    Richard Gordon, Instructional Assistant Professor, Marketing

    Mark Grizzard, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

    Sheryl Henry, Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing

    Ellis Hurd, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning

    Jillian Joyce, Lecturer, School of Communication

    Daniel Lannin, Associate Professor, Psychology

    Miranda Lin, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning

    Erin Marchand, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Psychology

    Alexander Martin, Instructional Assistant Professor,

       Wonsook Kim School of Art

    Joseph McDonald, Instructional Assistant

    Professor, Management

    Allison Meyer, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning

    Holly Ng, Instructional Assistant Professor,

       Mennonite College of Nursing

    Katherine Peeples, Assistant Professor, Special Education

    Kierra Peterson, Graduate Assistant Pre-Professional,

      Milner Library and Psychology

  • Tonya Pierce, Instructional Assistant Professor,

       Information Technology

    Cynthia Pulley*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

    Adrienne Riegle, Instructional Assistant Professor,

      Sociology and Anthropology

    Andrew Rummel, Professor, School of Music

    Bianca Sanchez, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Psychology

    Joellen Scott, Instructional Assistant Professor,

       School of Teaching and Learning

    Natalie Shaheen, Assistant Professor, Special Education

    Jonathan Shapiro, Associate Professor, Politics and Government

    Shraddha Shende, Assistant Professor,

       Communication Science and Disorders

  • Taylor Soja, Assistant Professor, History

    Jay Solomonson, Assistant Professor, Agriculture

    Bridget Sundin, Instructional Assistant Professor,

      Women Gender, and Sexuality

    Elisha Swanson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Chemistry

    Jennifer Talbot, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

    Bruce Weldy, Clinical Assistant Professor,

      School of Teaching and Learning

    Amanda White, Instructional Assistant Professor, Special Education

    Heather Wiegand*, Instructional Assistant Professor,

       Mennonite College of Nursing



  • Marcus Alouan, Director, Gamma Phi Circus,

      College of Applied Science and Technology

    Faith Anderson, Coordinator Residence Hall,

      University Housing Services

    Krista Barth, Coordinator Residence Hall,

      University Housing Services

    Cara Boester, Director, Clinical Experiences,

      Communication Science and Disorders

    Ingrid Brown, Coordinator, Field Placement,

      School of Social Work

  • Corey Burgess, Program Coordinator, University College 

    Whitney Canterbury, Marketing Associate,

      Mennonite College of Nursing

    Lisa Lawless, Program Coordinator, University College 

    Paul Meister, Coordinator, Academic Services,

      Geography – Geology – Environment

    Jacob Pourchot, Coordinator, Service Area,

      University Housing