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Petition for Reinstatement

File your reinstatement petition

If you’ve been away from the University for more than one semester, you’ll need to reapply and file your petition with Admissions. Learn more about returning to Illinois State

Prepare Your Petition

File one petition for the term you want to return. Include the following information in your petition.

Unusual circumstances

Explain any unique or compelling circumstances that contributed to your being on academic probation and whether they have been resolved. Include any additional documentation, like a doctor’s letter, that helps explain your situation.

Your plan for improvement

What will you be doing differently to maximize your chances to achieve good academic standing? What is your plan for earning A’s and B’s at Illinois State?

Your plan for completion

What steps have you taken to ensure that you can successfully pursue and complete your intended major? What are the requirements of your intended major and how do you plan to meet those requirements?

What you’ve done

Discuss your participation in seminars like Project Success or Project Rebound. Did you find the program helpful? Why or why not? What aspects of the program did you complete?

Any past reinstatements

If you have been reinstated in the past, explain the circumstances regarding your previous reinstatement. This can include conditions not met, limited progress made towards academic good standing. In other words, why should the committee feel confident that you will now take advantage of being reinstated and as a result be in good academic standing?

Reinstatement Decision

Your reinstatement decision will come to your email and physical address. If you’re reinstated, you can return to Illinois State next semester and your courses will not be dropped. When you come back, you'll enroll in Project Rebound. You’ll learn how to overcome challenges you’re facing and get back on track. Learn more about Project Rebound

If you are reinstated, your reinstatement is valid only for the term you submitted your petition for. If you are currently registered for that term you can return to Illinois state and your courses will not be dropped.

If you are reinstated and choose not to return for that term, you will need to withdraw from the University to avoid financial charges for next semester. Contact the Registrar’s office to withdraw.

If your reinstatement petition is denied, refer to your physical letter for reasons why. Contact us to discuss a plan to return to the University at a later time.