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Tutoring Online Sign Up Help

These step-by-step instructions will help you sign up for tutoring, workshops, or seminars.

  1. 1. Log In

    1. Log in using Accudemia.

    2. Enter your ULID and password.

  2. 2. Select Your Service

    1. Find the Upcoming Appointments section.

    2. Select Visor Center or Find Service. A list of options will appear.

    3. Select the service you’re interested in.

      • For Tutoring: Select the course you need tutoring for.
      • For Workshops: Type the title of workshop you’re interested in.
  3. 3. Schedule an Appointment

    After you select your service, you’ll be presented with available times.

    1. Select your timeslot.
    2. Select Confirm Appointment
  4. 4. Check Your Email

    Check your email for an appointment confirmation.

About Scheduling

When scheduling online, you can only book one session at a time. Since our tutoring is for weekly, recurring sessions we book you out for the remainder of the semester.