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Academic Standing

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What Your Status Means

...And What You Can Do About It.

Academic Warning

Your semester GPA is less than 2.0, but your cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher. If your GPA does not improve, you’ll be put on academic probation. If you have a previous probation history and your GPA does not improve, you will be academically dismissed.

What to Do

Take advantage of our people and services and we’ll do everything we can to help you get your GPA up.

  • Meet with your advisor. Your advisor will listen to your unique situation and identify specific resources that will work best for you. Schedule an appointment

  • Get tutoring. Stop struggling with classes that are giving you challenges. Our trained tutors will help you get through them. Find a session

  • Enroll in a workshop or seminar. Take the time to invest in yourself. Workshops and seminars focus on success skills. When you’re thriving, your GPA will reflect it. Explore offerings

  • Work with a success advocate. Our success advocates are trained students who can help you overcome academic and personal challenges. Learn more about success advocacy

Academic Probation

Your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for the first time. If you do not make sufficient academic progress, you could be removed from your major, lose financial aid, become ineligible for leadership positions and internships, or be academically dismissed from the University.

What to Do

Make your next semester a successful one.

  • Register for Project Success. This semester-long program sets you up for success in a comfortable setting with a supportive group of people. You’ll set goals, get to know campus services, and ultimately return to good academic standing. Learn more about Project Success

  • Meet with your advisor. Discuss your schedule with your advisor. They can offer specific strategies to help you get your grades up. Schedule an advising appointment

Academic Dismissal

Your cumulative GPA repeatedly falls below 2.0.

What to Do

If you’re dismissed from the University, you have options.

  • Petition. If you’ve struggled with unusual circumstances beyond or your control and/or have made a sincere effort to get your GPA up, you can petition for reinstatement and provide more details about your situation. Start your petition

  • If you are reinstated, you are required to participate in Project Rebound.
  • Return at a later time. If you need to take some time off from Illinois State, you can return at a later time. We can help you develop a plan that details what you should do while you’re away. Call us to discuss your plan (309) 438-3217.

    If you left Illinois State for more than a semester, you need to apply for readmission.

    You can also return with the New Start program. New Start lets you begin a new grade point average once you’re re-admitted. Those who sat out from Illinois State and left with a GPA less than a 2.0 may be eligible to return through this program. Learn more about New Start

  • Explore other options. It’s possible Illinois State just isn’t the right fit for you. If you choose not to return to the University, we can help you develop a plan that details your best path to graduation at another college or university.

Additional Academic Notifications

Suspended Enrollment

You might get notified of suspended enrollment. This does not mean you're in poor academic standing. It just means you reached 75 credit hours and have not declared a major. All students are required to be enrolled in a major upon completion of 75 hours of college-level coursework, and either have a major or a University-approved plan on file to gain admission into a major. Read the 75 hour policy

Meet with your academic advisor and come up with a plan to enroll in a major. Schedule an advising appointment

Interim Grades

There are two types of interim grades, early alert and progress report. Early alert grades can be viewed in week 8 of the semester and progress report grades in week 12. Both types of interim grades give you the opportunity to reflect on how things are going. If you’re struggling, we can help.

View your interim grades

Interim grades are provided for undergraduate students. If you want to know your status but do not have an interim grade, talk to your instructor.

Learn how to submit interim grades (faculty only)